How Aamir managed to give us the best marketed sports movie?

The Three Khans of Bollywood have charted their own paths and created milestones over a career spanning for more than two decades.
During this time they not only have managed to stay relevant from the times of landline phones to the era of Snapchat and Instagram but also able to define how their creations (Films, Ads, Clothing lines, Social causes) must be marketed.
But if you look closely, you will find that if SRK knows the trade secrets of merchandising and creating a brand for overseas audience and if Salman knows how to use his charisma to propel his movies and his ventures to newer heights, it is Aamir who always has a new approach to market his every films.
If Ghajini was the beginning of this marketing juggernaut, Dangal is touted to be one of the biggest movie of 2016. A year which saw the release of Sultan ( a ₹584 crore grosser) another movie on wrestling by another superstar is both a gamble and a masterstroke. Wrestling is not like cricket and despite its rustic appeal it does not arouse national fervor like cricket does. And that is why two movies on wrestling in the same year could be gamble with more risk for the movie that releases later. Yet one thing that today defines the success of the movie even before its release is the way it is marketed and projected. Aamir has nailed this part yet again for Dangal. Lets see how;
  • Shifting Goalpost: Sultan was a star vehicle with less focus on reality. It is difficult to fathom how someone, training only for few months, can win an Olympic gold ahead of world beating wrestlers who would have trained for years. Dangal is rooted to reality with its wrestling sequences, language nuances and a real story behind all the drama. Aamir's master stroke is to move the marketing focus from himself and shifting it on woman empowerment. Everywhere in the trailers and the songs, its girls all the way.
  • Nailing the Single screen puzzle: Sultan worked on the charisma of Salman. Tier 2 and tier 3 cities along with small towns are the propeller for the astounding success of his movies with a well crafted wholesome package for the audience there. Sultan was a super hit as it has a content backed story with Salman in forefront. Dangal is Aamir's test on how to enthrall this market because just like elections Uttar Pradesh and Bihar decide which film will cross the 300 crore mark. Carpet bombing Dangal in 4000+ screens in India and on 1000+ screens overseas is one crucial part of that strategy. Earlier his "PK" had close to 3800 screens. Sultan is the still the biggest release in Bollywood with 4350 screens in India and 1100 screens overseas.
  • Owning the Social Media Marketing: Aamir Khan's transformation video, His returning back to singing and how the girls transformed into wrestlers for the movie, every single detail about the movie that is on social media is carefully chosen and curated for its audience.
To make the movie bigger than its star, this was necessary and have been done with aplomb for Dangal. Sultan in this area proved to be laggard as it never aspired to be bigger than its star Salman like Bajrangi Bhaijaan did and achieved. A lot of credit for this goes to the script writer and the director of the movie whose focus defines how the final product will be perceived.
  • Critics - The final frontier: Aamir started the creation of Critic's perception from September with selected screenings to his close friends who can shape public perception.
And now with screening for critics, Dangal has ticked all the right boxes with 4 and 5 stars coming right through.
  • Owning the Multiplex Audience: Releasing trailer and posters with big movies is a old normal for all the upcoming movies but Aamir once again showed his marketing side with his appearance of Koffee with Karan and showing his funny side with the two girls giving him company.
After the smashing success of Salman Khan's 'Sultan', Aamir Khan was keen on promoting his film in a completely different way and the way things have turned out he and his team have been able to do just that and then some more. You don't call him Mr. Perfectionist for nothing! 

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