Fuck it, Let's Do It! How to Start a Blog Like A Pro

Fuck it, Let's Do It! How to Start a Blog Like A Pro

What a great idea looks like. If you are reading this book then for you and me, the good idea would be something like starting a blog and the great idea would be to write it like a pro.
But why a Blog? Why not anything else?
Blogging has helped people since the times when the Internet was still a new born.

This is how,
  • Get the relevant Audience,
  • Become an Authority,
  • Engage with Your Audience and Industry Leaders,
  • Get Opportunities,
  • Make Your Thoughts Leaner and Organized
  • Share Your Story,
  • Make New Friends, and 
  • Be Different 

So, when you should think about starting a blog. 

Let’s assume, you have; 

  • A great idea
  • A great experience
  • A Love for writing
  • A Passion you want to share
  • To Earn Money 
  • Build Your Brand

What you don’t have is a platform where you can share it all with those who would be interested in reading it. 

In this step by step guide, we will talk about how to start a blog, how to set it up at par with your competitors, and once you have set it up how to keep on creating exclusive and viral content and eventually start making money from it.

So, you are thinking about starting a blog but you don’t know how to get past that tech mumbo jumbo then let me help you by making this so easy that soon you would not only be running your amazing blog but also generating content that will amaze your readers and gain you a following quickly.
If you are reading this blog, then you must have already checked the Internet for the basics of starting a blog. 

The problem with Internet is that there are many experts and each speaks a different language. 

Some will tell you this, some will tell you that. 

After fifteen minutes on these websites, you will either understand nothing and move on to more pressing issues in your life or you will work harder and try to grasp everything, getting confused, then reading some more at the same time thinking – God! Why this has to be so difficult.

Maybe you should just forget it – it’s too confusing!

Or maybe you should give it a try here and see if this will help you. 

Reading still, that could only mean one thing that you are ready to hold your fort and give it one more try. 

Before we move one, I promise to make it simple and definitely easy to understand (no stupid technical mumbo jumbo). Sound good?

Awesome, let’s move on.

One last thing before we get started:

The time required to create your own blog can be somewhere around 30 minutes, so sit at your favourite space, have your brewed coffee or whatever you like to have and let’s get started. We will also keep on debunking, destroying some myths about blogging as we go along so that you can actually become a Pro while your blog takes shape. 

Good news! 

You don’t need to know coding to set up a blog.

So, let’s start creating your blog in few simple steps.

The main steps that you will need to follow to start a blog. If you follow this short book while using your laptop/desktop simultaneously, I promise that you will have your own blog ready to get online in 30 minutes or less.

Check the book here: 

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