15 Myths about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool, being used by the web entrepreneurs as part of their long-term strategy. SEO increases traffic, improves ranking and visibility of the website, which makes it vital in the online world.

Search engine marketing began in the mid of 1990s and since then, it has been constantly changing. The SEO tactics which worked in 2013, might not work out in 2018. If you are an internet entrepreneur, you need to keep yourself updated with the quick change and current SEO tactics.

Today, in the marketplace you will come across a number of ideas and information regarding SEO, which are now obsolete. 

15 of my favorites Myths are listed below;

1. Keyword Stuffing

Technical developments like Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and Humming Bird have helped the search engine to better understand the context and improved its query intelligence. The concept of Keyword density is no longer valid, as the search engine has started understanding the queries and searching for the questions, not just the keywords.

2. Paid Search Impacts Organic Ranking

You may have come across conspiracy theories or speculations in the market as ‘Spending a lot on Google Ad Words increased our Organic traffic’ or ‘Our competitor is ranked higher because they are spending a lot on Google’. But none of them are true as paid search marketing (PPC) does not directly affect organic ranking. At Google, there is a real wall which keeps the paid and organic search aside, not letting the paid search impact the organic traffic.

3. Meta Tags

Meta Tags are text in HTML which appears only in the page code. It describes the page content and tells the search engine what the web page is all about. Meta tag is composed of three elements:

Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword and phrases. Meta tags were earlier used in web page ranking, but have recently been dropped by all the search engine and are no longer in use in the SEO process.

Meta tags might not now improve the web page ranking but can be used as a source of information for the users and search engine. It may help in making the search result attractive and give a feeling of high-quality content to the users.

4. Just Make Great Content

If you want to increase organic search traffic, great content is not enough. To get ranked on the first page of Google search result, the web page needs to have quality content and focus on SEO tactics as well. SEO helps in fetching organic traffic to the web page and increasing its visibility.

5. Penalty for Duplicate Content

There is a misconception about SEO that Google penalizes for duplicate content. However, it has been confirmed by the search engine that duplicate content will not result in a penalty. Google does not consider or pays attention to duplicate content; they are simply ignored and cannot be ranked.

6. SEO is for Technical Professionals

I believe SEO is a blend of art and science and can be done by non -technical person i.e. we don’t require an IT professional well versed in coding to perform SEO. For executing SEO, you need to have a basic understanding and technical fundamentals of it. After addressing the technical issues, a non-technical person with a creative and strong communication skill can handle the search engine optimization process effectively.

7. The aim of SEO is to Fetch #1 Position on the First Page

SEO focusses on getting ranked top in first search result page of the user, but getting ranked even in the first search page will boost the organic traffic of a web page. Users usually open more than one links on the page to get full information about their search. Google has been adding more features like, Answer box to make the page more attractive and insists the user on scrolling down and looking into more links.

8. Web Security-Is it Essential?

Having a secure website should be the top priority for any online business entity. A secure website keeps your business safe online and saves it from hackers by ensuring that your data is intact. Make your site Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted to save it from any malicious software or hacker.

9. Videos and Images don’t Require Optimization

Videos and Images do not require optimization, it will be a myth. They actually make your content more interesting and this means more views to your content. Visuals are important for online success and it should be optimized by an HTML attribute called ALT tag, which can be seen by the search engine.

10. Add on Pages, to Rank better

SEO gives priority to Quality over Quantity. To get ranked on the top, merely adding pages to the site is not going to work out. Google values the quality of the content and it is the text quality which will help in achieving a better ranking.

11. Link Building-No longer Important

Building high-quality links are one of the most important skills in SEO and have never been obsolete. Quality links are important for the website and it still forms the foundation of Google’s Algorithm. It is amongst the top three search ranking factors of Google.

12. Submission of Website to Google

Manual submission of the website or its URL is no longer important or required. Google has introduced ‘Crawl Optimization’ which helps it to discover and index fresh quality content easily.

13. Pop-Ups are the Roadblock to Traffic

Using Pop-ups in a wrong way can hurt the traffic but if used intelligently, can increase the number of views and boom traffic. The conversion rate of high performing pop-ups is 9.28 percent. To bolster their performance, Pop-ups should be utilized in a smart and better way.

14. Home Page Needs to have More Content

The home page of any website needs to be optimized for Search Engine and should be user-friendly. Cluttering your homepage with too many content and links can be exhaustive for the users and not friendly. The homepage should be focused on brand name and product. It is the gateway to the site, so you need to have a clear call to action and textual information which draws the user attention.

15. Keyword Research is Not Necessary

High-quality Keyword Research is very important and valuable for search marketing. It helps in getting the right kind of visitors to the site and ensures a high return. It increases traffic and improves the ranking of the website.

SEO is an evolving and dynamic field. If you want your business to expand and achieve a high Return on Investment, be aware of the SEO changes and recent techniques being used in the industry. Hope this article will help you understand how SEO actually works and how to use it effectively for better results.
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