Five reasons why I Love SEO more than I love my doggo

Search engine optimisation (SEO), can be defined as a framework or as a set of rules that can be followed to enhance the websites for search engines. This kind of activity improves the ranking of the website over a search engine. When a website is built, it is very important to consider the SEO aspect to make it more user-friendly, simple to access and easier to navigate. The process helps the website or webpage, in getting listed on the first page of the organic (non-paid) search engine results. As a part of digital marketing strategy, SEO is being used by every business with a website to get their site as high as possible on the Google search results page. A high rank on a search result page drives more traffic to the site and increases the number of customers to the business.
There are direct and indirect ways of getting the benefit through the search engine. Direct benefit is by the increase you get in search engine traffic and the indirect benefit is by having a common framework to use before publishing content on the site, so that it becomes easy for the search engine crawlers to put your website over appropriate result page.

Five reasons why I Love SEO more than I love my (imaginary) dog;

Extremely valuable

With the evolution of online marketing industry, SEO has gained its importance by providing visibility, credibility and repute to a business in the industry. It helps you to promote your website over the social platforms. SEO is more than just SEO-Friendly CMS. The more your website is found by searching Google or Yahoo, the more it is promoted over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. 

Highly Rewarding 

SEO practices keyword and builds links to other web pages to increase its potential to rank in web search engine. It ensures that the website is found in the search engine for words and phrases relevant to what the website is offering. When the site gets linked to other websites, it indicates the content value of a site. The effort put by using relevant keywords and building links can be traced on a continuous basis. SEO is highly rewarding, as we can measure the impact of our efforts and track the amount of traffic coming to the website.

Highly Demanded

SEO as a profession, helps the companies better connect with their potential customers, making it a highly demanded process. As the companies are moving towards online and digital marketing, SEO industry is growing at the same pace. There are several websites that provide the same services or sell the same product. In such cases SEO can make you stand ahead and give you better gains. It is the broadest field of marketing that includes Content Marketing, Keyword Research, Link Building, Technical SEO and Strategic SEO, to name a few.


SEO requires a blend of both Technical and non -technical skills, with creative and strategic thinking to perform its job effectively. You need to discover efficient and resourceful keywords which people search for to boost your organic traffic performance. Creative thinking is required in building top quality links. 

Complex and Challenging

SEO throws continuous challenges, as umpteen changes take place in the search space every year. Managing Google’s Algorithm is quite complex and challenging. To cope up with the complexity and challenges, you need to update your knowledge and skills. It is an adventurous ride for smart and passionate people.  

To sum up, SEO is a growing industry and there are a handful of reasons to love it. It has a huge career potential and is an excellent career option. For businesses, it is a long-term investment and provides a better Return on Investment. 

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