Six Benefits of having your brand on Social Media

Six Benefits of having your brand on Social Media

Social media has proved its mettle long time ago yet, there are still companies who are quite the skeptics. Maybe they have questions about thvalue they’re getting from it or even the benefits of social media for their business.

I get it and using this infographic to show 6 benefits of having your brand on social media;

Brand Equity

You want your prospects to quickly run through the journey and be a great customer. Wish it was that simple and straight forward. 

So, what you can do - Earn their trust maybe by initially providing your brand’s value for free, through blogging, free guides or other resources that educate or entertain them - Build equity with prospects.
Social media smoothens the process as you can consistently share free and valuable content across all your profiles and earn trust over time.

Enjoy unlimited collaboration opportunities

Influencers are the new icons on social media. 

Social media is great at breaking the stigma of faceless corporations that are only after customers' money. Social aware consumers today care just as much about who they’re buying from as they do about what they’re buying. 

Using social media to humanize your brand and showcase your company’s personality is one way of getting over this hurdle.

Start by developing a brand voiceWendy’s has done it with a humorous and witty voice that consumers now associate with their brand.

Engaged customers

Dis-engaged customers simply means losing them. Gartner says that churn can increase by up to 15% if you fail to respond to customers on social media.

Focus on target Market

Facebook, Twitter and Google have a lot of information about users and you know that. So its a no-brainer that their advertising platforms allow you a very in-depth audience targeting and segmentation. 
With this information, you can get in front of the exact type of customer you want sell to and tailor your messaging to their needs.

Create a favorable perception

People will talk about your brand on social media, whether or not you’re active on that platform. SO it is better that you should be proactive and use social media monitoring tools to see what’s being said about your brand. 

More traffic to your website

Social media drives 31% of website traffic

Considering the amount of content that passes through sites like Twitter and Facebook, are you still surprised?

Convinced, yet?

Check the infographic for more;

Benefits of having your brand on Social Media
Image Credit - Visually

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